About Me

I am a user experience professional, currently working as an Interaction Designer in Alexandria, VA. In 2010, I completed my MFA in Art and Visual Technology at George Mason University.  Before I began my MFA, I worked at AARP as Art Director in the web department.  My core responsibilities were the ongoing design and creation of individual sections of AARP.org and its related sites, as well as periodic redesign of the overall website.  My design team focused on user experience, building task-oriented websites based on solid information architecture.  I am comfortable assessing and rebuilding information systems, creating wireframes, designing prototypes, designing and conducting usability testing, and documenting all aspects of design projects.

During my time with AARP.org, the web team valued usability and accessibility above all, emphasizing Section 508 compliance.  In 2004, I co-presented AARP’s work with Section 508 to two major professional conferences (“The Blind Leading the Blind”).  Our presentation emphasized practical methods for implementing accessibility standards, while affording sleek visual design, light code, and easy maintenance and design updates.  I worked with other managers to conduct regular testing of the website, and to monitor site traffic and examine data from services including WebTrends and ForeSee.  Based on these results and current research, my design team implemented iterative design changes to enhance the function of the website.

Further, I have extensive experience working on-the-job with major web design software packages, including Adobe Photoshop (15 years), Adobe Illustrator(11 years), and Adobe Dreamweaver (7 years).  I have been coding in HTML for 13 years, and writing CSS for 9 years.  I have managed website images and content using direct manipulation of HTML, Dreamweaver, and content management systems (primarily Zope).